curly hair

No, that’s not a hobbit wig. That’s my own natural hair.

My name is Kasey. I’m working on being 29 years old this year. I live on the west side of Puget Sound in a little bumpkin county that has its ultimate upsides and deeply disappointing downsides.

I work part time at a bakery and tend a house of (1) Fellow and (1) ridiculous dog.

My passions include cooking, baking, writing, photography, and traveling. Four of these are included in my blog, though I may mention travel at some point or another. I am a published writer and am constantly dreaming up my next big writing adventure, which includes a children’s story about my ridiculous dog and his best friends. Some of my other dreams include attending culinary school to aid me in better understanding the food service world, from the chef’s, server’s, and accountant’s view point, as well as opening up a bakery of my own. Finagling my way into the bakery I currently work for is one step closer to my dream.

My favorite types of food include most any type of pasta concoction and most anything that falls under the category of Mexican or TexMex. I’m a big fan of finger foods and snacky type dishes, but can’t stand things like “Texas Trash” dips, slimy casseroles, anything with beets, and most any type of dessert that has a bazillion ingredients in it that make your teeth ache just thinking about it.

A bit about me beyond this:

These are my loves. They are my inspirations, my source of endless smiles, and my forevers.

These are my loves. They are my inspirations, my source of endless smiles, and my forevers.

I was raised to be a very picky eater. My parents nurtured the fact that I didn’t like to try new things, which was both a curse and a blessing. Not only did I stray from constantly indulging in things like McDonald’s milkshakes and chili covered french fries, I missed out on a lot of other delicious things, that while may not be the healthiest for you, make a life worth living (like curries, certain vegetables that make excellent soups or pizza toppings, and many more). I liked my cereal mushy and my Spaghetti-O’s tepid. Pepper and garlic were disgusting and the only flavor of ice cream that needed to exist was vanilla.

I’ll be the first to admit that the dietary changes did not actually change until I went to college (read: away from my parents) and met my roommate who opened up my eyes to sopping up Indian curries with naan, ordering orange chicken with the orange (yes, I ordered my orange chicken “dry” as a child because sauces were icky), and trying most everything once. I still won’t touch head cheese, lutefisk, balut, animal penis or testicles, insects, and anything meant to be eaten raw, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been adventurous elsewhere. Sauteed pig’s ears, shark, tako and unagi sushi, poi (even though I loathe that crap), and I’m sure there are other things I’ve tried that were so awful I pushed them as far out of my mind as possible and cannot possibly conjure them up.

It’s probably for the best, really.

My food blog is combination of recipes I have found on the vast internet, recipes handed down to me from my mother and grandmothers, and things I have come up with myself. My goal in life is to provide delicious meals for me and The Fellow™ that combines nutrition and decadence without breaking the bank.