April 09

Banana Frozen “Yogurt”

It was about a year ago that I joined Pinterest. I remained hostile toward the idea of it for a long while, mainly due to the fact that it looked like one giant flustercuck of crap I didn’t care about. I browse one section there:  food. I don’t give two craps about “Holidays and Events”, “Cars and Motorcycles”, “Kids”, “Women’s Fashion”, and whatever else is on there. I see all of that stuff when my friends re-pin things and most of it I just scroll right on by; or bypass immediately to the newest food pins. I will admit to playing over on the “Gardening” section when I was trying to get some ideas for our box gardens, but nothing ever came of it. I already waste a small portion of my evening looking at food. Can you imagine how much more time I would waste (yes, waste, even when food is involved) if I scrolled through pages and pages of all the other things, or even a fraction of them? I’d either never go to sleep or I’d never get my other chores taken care of.

The point in bringing up Pinterest is mainly this reason:  this recipe I’m posting about tonight is one of the first ten items I re-pinned to my “Food to Tackle” board. As the name of the board implies, it’s a long list of things I find that sound good and where they go to die. So to speak. When I make something and post about it on this blog, I delete the pin. Usually I do. Sometimes I keep it, for whatever reason. Probably because I forgot to remove it. But this recipe, for banana frozen yogurt/ice cream, has been one I’ve wanted to try for so long, but it seems like any time we get to the bottom of the bunch of bananas, when they’re getting ready to over ripen, we eat them. Part of it is me forgetting to remind The Fellow™ not to eat them and part of it is me forgetting to remind myself not to eat them. Most days for breakfast, I either eat a Kashi waffle or have a bowl of Cheerios and you best believe the former is slathered in natural peanut butter, bananas, and blueberries, and the latter is chock full of bananas and strawberries. Right there, there goes the remainder of my bananas :(

But that’s okay. Because this time around, I came prepared. Over the weekend I bought more bananas. Ones that were ready to eat right now and ones that were still slightly green. I knew The Fellow™ would attack the right now bananas and leave the black and brown mottled peels of the over ripe ones alone. Seeing that this was the case, I went to work on making dessert tonight. Three bananas went chop-chop, were frozen for several hours, then met their untimely death in the food processor. With a bit of peanut butter and some crushed up fat free pretzels. Salty and sweet. My favorite kind of evening treat.

I actually had some issues with the processing part. Since my food processor has a bunch of parts that require cleaning after each use, versus the blender that requires a lid and a glass vessel to be cleaned, I opted to use the blender. I couldn’t make squat with the damn thing. Everything got squished down into the bottom around the blades and just wouldn’t move. I begrudgingly pulled out the food processor and gave that a try. Only, I underestimated how much room the bananas needed to properly blend and ended up making even more dishes for me to wash by starting off with the smaller bowl attachment (instead of the bigger bowl). The blade whirled and whirled and whirled and did nothing. Exasperated at this point, I spatula’d it all into the big bowl and voila it worked! Easy peasy and in a matter of seconds. I drizzled some organic natural peanut butter (you know, the kind that has peanuts and nothing else in it – because seriously, peanut butter with added sugars?!?), pulsed it a few more times and dessert was ready.

Despite having the couple setbacks I experienced, I now know how easy this “recipe” is to make and will definitely make more in the future. Hell, I’ll buy 10 bananas next time and let them all become soft serve or ice cream consistency. I mean, it’s bananas. Where can you go wrong?


Banana Frozen “Yogurt”

source:  inspiration came from a LOT of places; this recipe is everywhere and I don’t know who originally decided to try this for the very first time.


3 bananas
peanut butter (optional)
pretzels (optional)
any other topping your heart desires (optional)


1. Peel the bananas and cut them into 1/2″ sections. Lay them flat on a wax paper lined baking sheet. Place them in the freezer for minimum three hours.

2. Using a blending/chopping/pureeing-capable small appliance, add frozen banana chunks and whip them up until they’re soft serve consistency (if not a little thicker).

3. If adding other ingredients, add them at this point and pulse a few times. Serve at this consistency or put in a freezer safe container and let it harden to be more like ice cream.

Either way, it’s all so friggin delicious.