February 23

Egg White Brekkie Sandwich

I made it pretty obvious in my last food post that me and egg whites aren’t really friends. Or rather, egg whites are the friend you tolerate for one reason or another, but secretly wish their cooler friend or sibling (the whole egg) was hanging out with you instead. I dislike personifying food, but it seemed an apt description.

Most mornings, breakfast for me is either a bowl of cereal or some form of English muffin or toast with a bit of natural peanut butter or maybe, in a splurge, some cinnamon butter. I have fiber issues that require me to pump myself full of it, so brands like Fiber One tends to be the best friend I let take me to the movies and wine and dine, but is strictly friend-zoned. Again, with the personifying, I’m sorry.

This morning in particular, as I was mustering up the energy to go downstairs to visit with my treadmill (which I still haven’t gotten around to doing, whoops), I needed to pack myself full of breakfast. As delicious as bacon and sausage and hashbrowns sounds, I usually have to shirk that desire and be responsible. A lack of fiber means, well… I don’t think I need to tell you. I hadn’t had an English muffin in a few days and my tablespoon of peanut butter after my treadmill adventure last night seemed blasé at 9 a.m. I decided a bit of yogurt butter would be fine, until I realized there was one egg left in the fridge. As much as I hate wasting food and I hate throwing away egg yolks (in hindsight, I should have saved it to use as a coating for bread I planned on making this weekend… phooey), I wanted to attempt another egg white endeavor. This time, I was sprinkling in some sharp cheddar, sriracha, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Many months ago, I started making my own PAM. PAM is expensive. Olive oil and water in a spray bottle is not. Spritz spritz into the frying pan it went, followed by this diabolical mess known as an egg white, and I waited. I waited and I waited and nothing was happening. Did I even turn on the stove? Yes, yes I did. Was the glass top even hot? Yes ma’am. So what the hell? Oh, right. Egg white. I waited a little longer when finally it started to cook. I picked up the skillet to rotate the liquid around and fwoosh the entire thing slipped to one side of the pan. Thank you homemade PAM! A quick flip (and a lot of breakage – I told you, I suck at omelets), and it quickly looked like dog vomit. Inviting, no? After another minute or two, it finally resembled egg. It actually started looking appetizing. Perhaps this won’t entirely suck, I thought.

I let it cook a bit longer, because I hate wet eggs (yes, we discussed this last time) and before I knew it, I had a healthy breakfast sandwich! 145 calories, 3 grams of fat, 20 carbs, 9 grams of fiber, and 12 grams of protein. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I was still hesitant to eat the egg white. Upon the first bite, I was hooked. There was a good balance of flavor and kick, which is how I enjoy my eggs. So if anyone is having egg white issues like I do, you want to try this one out.


Egg White Brekkie Sandwich


1 egg white
1 Fiber One English muffin
1 Tablespoon finely shredded sharp cheddar
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
a sprinkle of onion powder
a sprinkle of garlic powder
a nice squirt of sriracha


I’m not going to tell you how to scramble an egg, how to toast an English muffin, or how to place an egg on a muffin.

Just remember to have patience with the egg white. Always have patience.

For even more depth, add bell peppers, jalapenos or green chiles, green onions, or whatever other breakfast fixings you might enjoy.