February 21

Odds & Ends Bread

Tonight was a frozen food kind of night. That’s not to say we microwaved some Banquest fried chicken or salisbury steak (though those sound amazing right about now). No, actually, I took my leftovers of Beef & Pumpkin Chili from almost a month ago and frozen bread I made around the same time and had a delicious dinner that was filling and reasonably healthy. I mean, bread is bread and is more or less never healthy, but I was so good with my diet today, I just couldn’t resist my little nibbly bits.

I love dipping bread into stew/soup. Bread goes with everything. Well, almost everything. This particular French Loaf I made is something I put in to breadstick form every single time (as is evident by the link to the recipe) and they are always the most perfect little things, especially after they’ve been sitting in the freezer. I’m still perfecting my loaf science and figuring out just how finicky our oven can be with temperatures and durations. Loaves are still not my *best homemade item ever*, but they’re still pretty spectacular. I guess it’s mostly just the fact that homemade is usually always better than store bought, even if it’s not perfect. Tonight’s dinner finished off the last of the frozen French loaf, which means I know what I’m doing this weekend. I’m going to perfect that damn recipe if it kills me!

Instead of being a semi-normal person with my bread and eating it whole, I broke it up in to little bits and toasted them so that the fluffy inside would get a little crispity too. The absolute best thing in the world is a crispy exterior with a soft inside. This is exactly what we got. So good. So worth the few extra minutes to let it all toast. And of course let the slathered on garlic butter set.