July 16

You can’t eat kindness, but you CAN eat what kindness creates

A friend of mine has lupus. She is exhausted when she gets home at the end of the day. There are days that she doesn’t even, nay, can’t even function when she gets up, let alone when she gets home. But being the hardcore woman that she is, she soldiers on, and with a smile on her face. In the short time I’ve known her, her struggle to keep up with the world and to overcome what the disorder throws at her has been inspiring. She doesn’t give up, and she’s had her massive downs from it, but she moves forward as much as she can.

Beyond being a fighter, she’s just an all around awesome person. She’s a photographer, nature-lover, dog-herder, and kid-wrangler. Everything she does is seemingly selfless.

And this is where food comes in to play.

Because of the disorder, because, like the rest of us, she still has to function in society and hold down a job to pay the bills, she is run ragged most, if not all days. She had previously mentioned in passing how she needs to eat better; how she is just so tired already and having to put together something that tastes good and is healthy for her can be such a chore. I know the feeling. I’m tired at the end of my work day and I don’t want to move; and I’m more or less healthy! Mostly I’m just lazy. But knowing and partially understanding this friend’s plight, I offered to cook for her. Since she and I live an ocean apart (okay, okay, a “Puget Sound” apart), I obviously can’t cook for her every night. But I can prepare meals ahead of time and she can keep them in the freezer for when she needs them. This was something I wanted to do. Something I had to do. Because hearing that something as simple as cooking dinner was becoming a difficult task hurt my heart. I consider this friend to be very dear to me, even if we’ve not known each other all that long, and I wanted to help.

So the next handful of entries in this journal will be meals/recipes I’m preparing for her. Some of what I’m providing her with are things already featured on this blog, so I’ll pass on those recipes, but the others – oh man, let me tell you guys:  I’ve found some amazing things for a pescetarian.

And no, spell check, pescetarian = proletarian, tyvm.