December 25

A Very Spare Ribby Christmas

I know on Christmas, people tend to eat big. Prime rib, steak/filet mignon, seafood, turkey; whatever else you wouldn’t eat on a regular basis. It’s part of the holiday tradition to eat like a king, if you can afford it. In previous years, we’d never been able to afford anything extravagant, as I wasn’t working yet and The Fellow’s™ pay was still low since he had only been at his place of employment for less than 6 months. This year, however, since we are lucky to have good paying jobs and my ability to cook has expanded greatly, we decided to do big differently. Pork ribs in Trader Joe’s barbecue sauce. If I could pour TJ’s barbecue sauce on everything, I would.

On the agenda for dinner tonight was the ribs, homemade breadsticks, green beans, and mashed potatoes. The potatoes were a last minute addition and with a lack of actual potatoes in the kitchen, instant it had to be. Cheater food, to say the least. Doesn’t make it any less delicious. Especially if you doctor it up with extra butter!

My mom taught me how to cook up these ribs in the oven (I’d actually barbecue them if it weren’t so hellishly cold and windy outside), so the credit goes to her, and whomever taught her how to do it.

Spare Ribs


pack of pork ribs
1 cup apple cider vinegar
Trader Joe’s barbecue sauce


1) In a large pot, cut ribs into smaller portions (3-4 ribs) and layer the bottom. Fill the pot with enough water to cover the ribs. Add in the cup of apple cider vinegar. Boil on medium high temperature for about an hour. The meat should turn that typical grey-pork color.

2) Heat the oven to 375 degrees. Remove the ribs from the pot of water and place on a baking sheet. Cover the meat in as much barbecue sauce as is preferred. Throw in the oven for about 25 minutes. At this point, you can add another layer of sauce and let cook for another 10 minutes, or, flip them over and baste the other side with sauce. If skipping to basting the other side, let cook for 10-15 minutes.